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Zips Wikipedia.
The Pizza Connection, a heroin-trafficking operation involving Salvatore Catalano, a capo of the Bonanno crime family, and Gaetano Badalamenti, a Sicilian mafioso, was largely organized by Zips. The Zips were effective because they were unknown in the United States and had no police records.
Urban Dictionary: zip.
Yo We Got Dem Zips 4 Da Low Muhh Nigg. by DatNigg08 November 08, 2008. Get a zips mug for your daughter Beatrix. An ounce of any kind of illegal drug. Usually used as a code name over the phone by paranoid drug dealers.
Zip Wikipedia.
zip, a command-line program from Info-ZIP. Convolution computer science, or zip. Zip drive, a disk storage system. Zone Information Protocol, AppleTalk protocol. Zips, a derogatory term used by Italian-American criminals. Other uses edit. Akron Zips, the University of Akron athletic teams.
Mobile Intrusion Prevention System Network, Device App Security.
zIPS Mobile Device Protection. The only machine learning-based, on-device mobile security solution purpose built for enterprise organizations. zIPS provides persistent, on-device protection for mobile devices and the information the devices access similar to next generation endpoint protection EPP solutions on traditional endpoints.

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